Faces of Sacrifice - Nick Hoeller

Faces of Sacrifice

As a photographer I'm always on the move to capture something new and exciting. This causes me to push my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to push even harder after my 'The Police' project and attempt something even greater. This lead me to my newest project for 2019, 'Faces of Sacrifice.' 

This collection of photographs of these brave men and women are the reason we all live the way we do. They risked their lives for our freedom. They did things a lot of us wouldn't do. These Veterans gave it all for us. This project isn't just about the photographs, it's about the stories, emotion and braveness these Veterans show. They are all photographed in a harsh, dark environment to have you connect with them.. The darkness around them secludes you to just study their faces, no distractions, just you and them.This will lead you to get a sense of what they've been through by just looking into their eyes, their wrinkles or expressions.

This project means a lot to me as my grandpa fought in WWII and the Korean War in the Navy. My grandpa, like many others, gave up so much to fight for our freedom. This project is to honor these Veterans for everything they have done. So please, take a minute, read their stories and thank a Veteran. 


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