The Police - Nick Hoeller

The Police

Inundated with the negativity and the unknown surrounding our nation's law enforcement, I was inspired to seek out my own record. When abuse and brutality are fabricated in society's headlines, I embarked on a project to shed light on a system filled with individuals who hold dedication, hard work, and the respect of everyone in the highest regard.

Documenting a rarely seen perspective in our generation, I shadowed three officers throughout their lives, capturing a raw, uncensored and immersive look of what these men and women face every day. My work is a first-hand account that I wish to share with people, so they can get an inside perspective on the long hours our peers in law enforcement sacrifice in order to protect and serve. Not everyone supports the actions of the police, but my intent is to showcase an objective view of who we trust to protect us, in a natural and unaltered state.

My photography skills and experience have been forged through persistence and work. Primarily self-taught, I embraced the documentary genre guided by documentary photographers. The experience I had throughout this project was remarkable. I was very lucky to be allowed to photograph these officers and their daily lives.

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